Hey It’s Me

I’m a graphic designer!

My specialty is in branding and print design, but i’ve been able to work on a variety of projects and mediums from UI/UX, video, photography, web design, advertising, letterpress, screen printing, bookbinding, and lettering.

I design because of the process. Even though most people see it as a subjective line of work, there’s always a strategy when things are done right. I like the challenge of solving problems and thinking of things from different angles. As designers are often responsible for the imagery we see day-to-day, I believe we have a moral responsibility to help change damaging societal norms, spread positivity, and give people a voice who don’t have one.

Apart from design, you might find me teaching or practicing yoga, thinking about lunch, playing with my bobtail cats, getting consumed by home improvement projects, or out in nature.

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